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CT Spirit Investigators Paranormal Group and Researchers.

We are a group of Connecticut Paranormal Investigators and researchers based in CT founded by Rose Porto. Along with her team, they have experience in investigating private homes, businesses, and historical sites.

*We deal with all types of hauntings
*Our Paranormal group travels all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & New York

**We DO NOT CHARGE for our investigations**

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We are dedicated to finding answers and help, for all paranormal activity in your home. We feel this is our mission. CT Spirit Investigators paranormal group will make every effort to alleviate  your fears, by educating  you on how to understand what is in your home, or place of business.

Having had our own personal paranormal experiences, we have an understanding of how it is, to live day after day, in fear and to be held hostage by unseen forces. We will do everything possible to bring back the peace in your home.Be it a human haunting or negative/demonic, that is afflicting you, there is help!!

We have experience with all types of hauntings. We use state of the art equipment and will come into your home discreetly. We will do a full investigation, using still cameras, video cameras, infared cameras and other various recording equipment.

All of our investigations and research provide you with possible answers to your activity.

After a full paranormal investigation, all evidence collected will be reviewed, and all findings will be presented to you, we will then devise our plan of action ,depending on our findings.

We take all our cases very seriously, and will conduct ourselves, in the upmost professional matter at all times.

We will never post ,share or discuss, your case ,or findings without your consent or permission.

Questions or to speak to a paranormal investigator call
203 988-9127 or email me at Rose Porto


Rose Porto

Infrared Cameras

We use Infrared Cameras for our investigations, these cameras record in total darkness,allowing us to film and capture evidence of paranormal activity.During our interview with our families we note any areas that are hotspots for paranormal activity, we make sure we place ir cameras in all the spots, where the family have witnessed any activity

Digital Cameras

digital camera
We also use digital cameras, on our investigations, with digital cameras we are able to see instantly if we have any paranormal photos, because digital cameras pick up what the human eye sometimes dose not, they are a must have for any paranormal investigator.digital cameras capture anomolies and energy orbs.

EMF Meters K-2 meters

emf k2 meters
EMF meters are a scientific instrument used for measuring electromagnetic fields, the theroy is that when spirit energy is present it causes changes in the electromagnetic fields, we use an emf detecter to measure any spikes or changes,alerting us to possible spirit activity.


We use thermometers to measure air temperature, at locations and to monitor any changes in temperature, spirits have long been associated with cold/hot spots, if a spirit is present, it will draw the energy from the room causing a cold spot.

Digital Recorders

digital recorder
We rely on our digital recorders, for recording EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) we ask questions and what our ears don't always pick up, our recorders will due to the fact that spirit energy is on different frequency ,it is also great for recording disembodied footsteps and other ghostly noises.

Ghost Box

ghost box
We use a ghost box, which is an altered am/fm radio, which produces "white noise", to try to communicate with spirits, the spirit is able to put together words from the ghost box, either using its own voice, or using the words from the radio to send us a message.

Laser Grids

laser grid
Laser grids are used with our video or ir cameras. they send out beams of light, if a spirit crosses the lights, it breaks the beam of lights, alerting us that something is present.

A compass

dowsing rods compass
we use a compass which is the most basic of tools, used very much like an emf meter, it detects changes in the magnetic and electromagnetic field, when the needle of the compass is not pointing north, or it is moving erratically, it is sensing some kind of unusual field, in some cases the needle may actually spin.

Dowsing Rods
Dowsing rods are used to locate energy/ghosts.They are made of copper and they have been used for many years,we choose to use them to locate energy, we use them along with our meters.Before we determine any paranormal activity we will go through a number of tests.


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