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CT Spirit Investigators Paranormal Group and Researchers.

We are a group of Connecticut Paranormal Investigators and researchers based in CT founded by Rose Porto. Along with her team, they have experience in investigating private homes, businesses, and historical sites.

*We deal with all types of hauntings
*Our Paranormal group travels all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & New York

**We DO NOT CHARGE for our investigations**

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We are dedicated to finding answers and help, for all paranormal activity in your home. We feel this is our mission. CT Spirit Investigators paranormal group will make every effort to alleviate  your fears, by educating  you on how to understand what is in your home, or place of business.

Having had our own personal paranormal experiences, we have an understanding of how it is, to live day after day, in fear and to be held hostage by unseen forces. We will do everything possible to bring back the peace in your home.Be it a human haunting or negative/demonic, that is afflicting you, there is help!!

We have experience with all types of hauntings. We use state of the art equipment and will come into your home discreetly. We will do a full investigation, using still cameras, video cameras, infared cameras and other various recording equipment.

All of our investigations and research provide you with possible answers to your activity.

After a full paranormal investigation, all evidence collected will be reviewed, and all findings will be presented to you, we will then devise our plan of action ,depending on our findings.

We take all our cases very seriously, and will conduct ourselves, in the upmost professional matter at all times.

We will never post ,share or discuss, your case ,or findings without your consent or permission.

Questions or to speak to a paranormal investigator call
203 988-9127 or email me at Rose Porto


Rose Porto

Children Pets and the Paranormal

Children take everything in stride, and this includes ghosts, as well as other paranormal phenomenon,they see them, hear them sometimes hold conversatiions with them. They usually do not question that they are real. It is mostly because, they have not yet been "programmed" to believe that there is no such thing as a ghost. Children will often talk about or pick out deceased relatives from family photos, describing how, so and so will visit with them and talk to them.

A very common occurance is children who have imaginary friends, they are often caught playing or talking to someone that is not visible to the adults eyes, most of the time they are human spirits but sometimes, negative spirits will disguise themselves to gain the trust of an innocent child. Children are not only open to loving deceased relatives or spirit children, visiting, but unfortnatley, can also become targets of the negative/demonic type spririts.

In negative hauntings we find children experience, night terrors, are terrified to sleep alone, in the ark.They will describe, monsters with big teeth,or black hooded smaller creatures, that scare them, they may complain of hearing voices or hearing their name being called.

They will have trouble in school learning, focusing and they may develope behavioral problems.
We work with many children,who are experiencing human and demonic hauntings, our focus is to empower the child, so they dont have to be afraid .Having had childhood experiences, I am personally aware of the dangers and demage the negative side of the paranormal can afflict.

Animals are natural sensitives, how many times have you heard of a family pet, warning their owner something bad was about to happen, just before it did. I strongly believe they are able to see into the spirit realm, and can experience clairvoyance,precognition along with being telepathic.

For this reason,My heart goes out to any calls that involve animals in a haunted location, being a big animal lover and activist, I know what happens to our poor furry victims. Pets who are always in protective mode ,can not relax if spirits are in the room be it human or inhuman. Animals are unable to voice whats truly going on, in extreme hauntings we find animals, being hurt, kicked,pushed and terrorized by unseen forces. With all negative and demonic hauntings, their only intent is to cause harm, what better way to get to a person, but through their loved pet.

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