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CT Spirit Investigators Paranormal Group and Researchers.

We are a group of Connecticut Paranormal Investigators and researchers based in CT founded by Rose Porto. Along with her team, they have experience in investigating private homes, businesses, and historical sites.

*We deal with all types of hauntings
*Our Paranormal group travels all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & New York

**We DO NOT CHARGE for our investigations**

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We are dedicated to finding answers and help, for all paranormal activity in your home. We feel this is our mission. CT Spirit Investigators paranormal group will make every effort to alleviate  your fears, by educating  you on how to understand what is in your home, or place of business.

Having had our own personal paranormal experiences, we have an understanding of how it is, to live day after day, in fear and to be held hostage by unseen forces. We will do everything possible to bring back the peace in your home.Be it a human haunting or negative/demonic, that is afflicting you, there is help!!

We have experience with all types of hauntings. We use state of the art equipment and will come into your home discreetly. We will do a full investigation, using still cameras, video cameras, infared cameras and other various recording equipment.

All of our investigations and research provide you with possible answers to your activity.

After a full paranormal investigation, all evidence collected will be reviewed, and all findings will be presented to you, we will then devise our plan of action ,depending on our findings.

We take all our cases very seriously, and will conduct ourselves, in the upmost professional matter at all times.

We will never post ,share or discuss, your case ,or findings without your consent or permission.

Questions or to speak to a paranormal investigator call
203 988-9127 or email me at Rose Porto


Rose Porto

What to do if your house is haunted


The question we often get as Connecticut Ghost Hunters is what do we do if our house is haunted?

The first thing to do is find a legitimate paranormal team, ghost hunter, or paranormal researchers in your area. They should not charge for their services. They must be knowledgeable and have experience in all types of hautings. They must also be open minded, serious and with a healthy sense of skepticism.

Most importantly you must feel comfortable with the one you pick. You may be working very closely and for many years with the team or ghost hunter. Some cases go on for years. We have long lasting relationships with most of our cases often keeping in contact with our cases on a weekly basis. Some haunted locations are quick and easy. A one time house blessing etc and everything is back to normal. Others not so much.

Once you have picked a ghost hunter, you will meet with them and be interviewed. It is important to mention and discuss all paranormal experiences as bizarre as they may seem. As Connecticut Ghost Hunters there is nothing we haven't heard. I often say nothing surprises us especially when it comes to the paranormal. I often tell my families it is so important to tell all. Holding back a piece of information could make a big difference in helping the ghost hunter find information on what exactly is going on at the haunted house.

The ghost hunter will then set up an investigation. The right ghost hunter will explain every step in detail. If not you should not be afraid to ask. All experienced ghost hunters will come with an array of equipment. It is now very common to use different types of equipment to measure record and capture any ghostly activity or energy. (See our equipment page for some of the equipment we use.)

Once all evidence is collected, it is reviewed by the ghost hunter and presented to the family. It is advisable to have multiple investigations, as we have come to realize the spirits don't always cooperate, or show themselves on command. It often takes many visits.

Ghost hunting is very tedious and we spend many hours with little or no activity. Patience and perseverance is a must in this field. Once evidence is finally captured the next step depends on the findings. The ghost hunter should then present all options. What action to take varies with every haunting. So do the options on how to deal with the ghosts or spirits at the haunted house or location.
Connecticut Spirit Investigator founder-Rose Porto


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